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Dr Lokesh Kumar is a proficient Rhinoplasty surgeon and has an immense interest and experience in Rhinoplasty surgeries. He has performed thousands of Rhinoplasty operation during his carrier span of over 25 years. He has been invited as an emminent speaker to Rhinoplasty conferences around the world.

Dr Lokesh Kumar is one of the most renowned Rhinoplasty specialists in India, a post graduate in Surgery and Plastic Surgery from India’s most premier Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh. His interest for the subject has further led him to receive his Plastic surgery Training from various reputed hospitals in UK. With immense experience he returned to India in 1993 where he initially worked at Holy Family Hospital.

Later, on joining Apollo Hospital his dedication and commitment towards plastic surgery subject led him to establish the department of Plastic surgery. His brilliant effort had always helped him to grow and serve as office bearer for various organizations in India and abroad.
He is an ex- President of Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and Past treasurer of Association of Plastic surgeon’s of India.

He has contributed his valuable service as the member of the Board of Directors of International society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery as well as a chairman Patient safety committee.

He is a key member of the editorial board of reputed Aesthetic Surgery Journal USA which is the official journal of American society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery. His valuable inputs to the subject of plastic surgery have made him an integral part of the editorial board of ISAPS News. Moreover, he was Ethicon Professor in Cosmetic surgery for the year 2011-12.

A pioneer in the history of Plastic surgery, Dr Lokesh Kumar has taken a responsibility of creating Centre of Excellence of Plastic Surgery at Dr B L Kapur Memorial Hospital New Delhi.

BLK is excellent modern super specialty Hospital located in the heart of the city. We all salute to his contribution as a present Director and HOD of Department of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery at this hospital. He heads division of Aesthetic Surgery for one of the fastest growing healthcare institutions in the country.

Dr Lokesh Kumar