Definition and Types of Rhinoplasty

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Definition and Types of Rhinoplasty

In the last few years, people around the globe have started opting for plastic surgery of nose in India. World class plastic surgery centers and cost-effectiveness are two major factors which make people to visit India and get a nose job done. Gone are the days when only celebrities thought to be the right candidates for nose surgery. Nowadays, ordinary people, unsatisfied with the contour of their nose or experiencing any kind of breathing issues, are choosing to undergo a nose surgery.

Nose surgery is also known with other names, such as rhinoplasty and nose job. Plastic surgery of nose can be classified into two parts: Functional, revision, and cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Functional Rhinoplasty

This type of surgery is done to correct the breathing issues. A functional rhinoplasty fixes and opens the nasal passage in order to make breathing easier.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

The term “nose job” is used specifically when people think of undergo the scalpel for aesthetic reasons. Some individuals find their noses beaky, big or too small and get bothered by irregularity or a bump. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is one of the finest methods which may help you improve the balance of your face and enhance the facial attractiveness. This type of nose surgery is done to adjust the size or shape of the nose for aesthetic purposes.

The procedure needs you to be realistic in approach and about the expected results.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Sometimes, when you fail to communicate what you wanted exactly or what you were looking for, and did not get desired results at the end, revision rhinoplasty is the solution. The goal of revision rhinoplasty is to correct cosmetic and functional problems occurred from previous rhinoplasty.

In case you want plastic surgery of nose in India, Global Rhinoplasty Clinic is the right place for you to reach. A number of rhinoplasty surgeries are performed at the hospital each year.

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